Saying goodbye to my last vice.

It has been 31 hours since my last cup of and about 26 hours since I decided to stop drinking coffee, or at least give it a shot. I guess that it started with the news coming out of Washington, It was when rump decided to fire the Acting Director of Intelligence, Joseph Maguire, and put one of his sycophants in his place. It was then that I realized that we will just be hearing what rump wants us to hear, and that I do not want to listen to the news anymore as it just leaves me feeling powerless and angry.

Aya asked me if I would like to listen to a story (audio book) like we used to when Obama was in office, when we at least had a false sense of safety and barley listened to any news at all. I told her that I would like that very much, indeed.

She looked at her cell phone and rattled off a few stories as options. The one that caught my ear was Caffeine, by Michael Pollan. We listened to it, and by the end, about 2 hours from the start, I realized that I have been running my life around my next cup of coffee, and I want that to stop. I told Aya, and she was shocked. We work from home, together and with our 2 dogs, Ginger and Nutmeg. You could also say that since there is Always a big bag of Lavazza beans, that they live here too. I always joke that our studio runs on Lavazza, and in one of Aya's drawings, she made our family crest with the tagline "Death before Decaf".

So, no, I do not for see decaf coffee ever having a place in our home or in any cup that may find itself to my mouth, but we are going to take a look at the Japanese grocery store on North 9th Street, to peek into the world of tea.

I'll let you know what we find.