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portrait of the photographers and their 2 dogs


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Snider, Landero, Esse Et Cie, The 9th Muse, Hathairat, Rune, Leaota NY , Zelda, Christopher Fischer, La Marque, Yosi Samra, Wai Ming, Jose Duran, Sungee Bang, Nicole Lanza, Blank Silk

and many more.



Grafuck, Naked and the lens, The Mammoth Book Of New Erotic Photography 2, The Mammoth Book Of New Erotic Photography 3, Shooting Yourself


Television - Photography

Elementary    - S1E4​

Pan Am          - S1E8, S1E12​

Law Order CI - S8E15, S9E1

Television - Post Production

Bates Motel   - S2E4, S2E9



1st place XTO image Award 2010

2 honorable Mentions Exhibit A 2010

An Honorable mention IPA 2009

“Humans need fantasy to be human. To be the place where the falling

angel meets the rising ape.”

What interests us is bridging the gap between things that are minuscule and things that are vast. Between a person most inner and most vulnerable feelings and the whole of human experience. Looking at the same time at what sets every single person apart as a unique and one-of-a-kind creation of self work and nature, and what is common denominators of everyone in the universe and realizing that those are the same tings.

But who knows what it’s going to be next week, after all, change is also a fundamental component to what being human is all about.


I was living in Brooklyn, NY, and she was in Tel Aviv, Israel. We spent a year in an online relationship, complete with two webcams. After that, and before going crazy, we decided that either I should go there, or she should come here. To make a long and exciting story short(er), she came here, we got married, we live, work, shoot, and play side by side ever since.

We started making images for each other as a way to bridge our gap of the oceans. Teasing, sharing, and growing a visual language, our language, that we’ve been working with and shooting from together.

We have been working as a photographer team for the past 11 years. From our struggles with power, desire, hunger, fantasy, reality and sexuality, we create image stories using our past skills from fashion, advertising, and portraiture. We have a Love for story telling with open spaces, where the viewers have room for their own ideas and emotions. There is no strict format to the stories, and no answers. There is provocation and room for imagination. 


And that's what we've been doing ever since, whether as a short lived street art tag team, amateur tattoo artists, and most importantly through photography.


My background in in advertising and graphic design, Ned's always been a photographer, and so we found a way to use both our skills to create unique, emotional and raw images. The way we communicate while shooting helped us to develop a language that makes coming up with ideas, taking pictures, edit, retouch and produce in a very open way, and helped us immensely with communicating with crew and clients.


The way we shoot allows us to share our intimacy, honesty and vulnerability with others and express our deep beliefs in learning to love ourselves through embracing our flaws, occupying our space in the universe and getting to know ourselves with kindness and compassion.

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